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ESG Trends: The Top 5 Podcasts You Must Hear


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) trends are becoming more relevant to businesses and investors alike. As the world becomes aware of the repercussions of climate change, social inequality, and corporate governance, it is vital to stay informed on the most recent advancements in this sector. For that reason, we've put together a list of the top 5 ESG podcasts to listen to if you want to stay up to date on the latest ESG trends.

Sustainability Matters Podcast

The Sustainability Matters Podcast produced by Ernst & Young offers insights on leading trends and practical advice around ESG issues facing businesses today. The podcast examines the impacts, risks, and opportunities of major trends like urbanisation, digital, and climate change. Hosted by Bruno Sarda, a sustainability and ESG executive with over 20 years of experience, the podcast features interviews with experts in the field and provides actionable advice for businesses looking to improve their ESG performance.

A particularly insightful episode features Bruno Sarda and Lucy Godshall from Ernst & Young LLP who are joined by Emily Bayley from the World Economic Forum and Ebony Thomas from Bank of America, discussing the rising importance of social factors, the “S” within the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework. In this episode, they discuss how social factors, including diversity, inclusivity, training, and health and safety, are being prioritised by organisations and investors, and how they can directly impact the bottom line.

ESG Insider

ESG Insider is a podcast from S&P Global that takes you inside the ESG issues shaping the business world today. It features interviews with ESG experts and leverages S&P Global data to shine a light on the sustainability opportunities and risks that business leaders and investors need to know about. The hosts are Lindsey Hall, the head of ESG Thought Leadership at S&P Global Sustainable1, and Esther Whieldon, Senior Writer on the ESG Thought Leadership Team at S&P Global Sustainable1 and co-host of ESG Insider podcast.

An episode that stands out features Martin Lok, Executive Director of the Capitals Coalition, and Aniket Shah, Managing Director and Global Head of ESG, and Sustainability Research at Jefferies Group. The episode focuses on companies' and governments' shifts in perspective towards recognising and valuing nature's economic benefits, and the efforts of companies to evaluate and value their dependence and impacts on natural, social, and human capital.


MSCI ESG Research's 'ESG Now' podcast is an entertaining space where hosts give a fresh perspective on ESG news, investment research, and emerging challenges. A rotating cast of environmental, social, and governance researchers join hosts Mike Disabato and Bentley Kaplan as they discuss the most pressing news of the week. Disabato and Kaplan, both Vice Presidents of ESG Research at MSCI, draw on their experience to deliver engaging discussions on current ESG trends.

An interesting episode discusses the impact of the major layoffs in the tech industry that happened early in 2023, with over 70,000 employees laid off. The episode digs into an unavoidable but problematic aspect of capitalism, examining not only the economic but also the psychological and social impacts such events have on the remaining employees. The emphasis is on understanding how these layoffs affect long-term firm performance through the lens of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) analyses. It explains why such assessments are crucial and how they reflect the ramifications of layoffs that go beyond the immediate financial impact.

Green Pulse: The Straits Times

Green Pulse is an environmentally-focused podcast that delves into a range of topics. Every first and third Monday of the month, The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change.

Hosted by David Fogarty, a Singapore-based international journalist with 34 years of experience in Asia, London, and Australia and produced by The Straits Times, a leading newspaper in Singapore, this podcast is a great source of information for those interested in staying up to date on the latest developments in the environmental space as well as their implications for the global landscape.

ESG Decoded Podcast

ESG Decoded is a podcast powered by ClimeCo to share updates related to business innovation and sustainability. Join Kaitlyn Allen and Amanda Hsieh for thoughtful, nuanced conversations with industry leaders and subject matter experts that explore the complexities of the risks and opportunities connected to environmental, social, and governance. This podcast goes beyond the headlines to offer an analysis of ESG trends and provides a deeper understanding of the issues facing businesses today.

ClimeCo is a leader in the management and development of environmental commodities. This insightful podcast will give you an understanding of the implications of the latest ESG trends in the corporate world.

Final thoughts

Staying up to date on the latest ESG trends is critical for organisations and investors trying to align with the future of sustainability and social impact. These top 5 ESG podcasts provide unique insights and analysis from industry experts and are a must-listen for anybody interested in ESG trends.