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Catalyser Welcomes Asim Brown as Its New CEO


Catalyser is thrilled to announce the appointment of Asim Brown as our new CEO. With a strong entrepreneurial background and an impressive track record in both the e-commerce and SaaS sectors, Asim brings a wealth of experience to lead our team and has the full confidence and support of all Directors.

His appointment arrives at a pivotal moment for Catalyser, as we strive to become the prominent social impact platform in the Asia Pacific region.

We are confident that this transition from a founder-led business to welcoming an experienced CEO will propel Catalyser to greater business success and enable us to accelerate the achievement of our mission.

How will Asim Brown's entrepreneurial background help drive innovation at Catalyser?

Asim's extensive experience in launching and growing start-ups provides a solid foundation for driving innovation at Catalyser. He is an astute and innovative leader with an entrepreneurial background in technology.

Asim was the Founder and Managing Director of Bountye for 10 years, a B2B SaaS platform for marketplace aggregation, working with top-tier clients including Mastercard, Humm Group and AMEX. Having navigated three major pivots post-launch at Bountye, Asim understands the importance of adapting to changing market conditions and embracing new opportunities.

His entrepreneurial mindset will enable Catalyser to stay ahead of industry trends, deliver growth and help companies drive social impact.

What strategies from Asim's previous experiences can be applied to Catalyser?

Asim's time at eBay Australia saw his team deliver a $2 billion growth by implementing a successful technology and channel strategy. This accomplishment demonstrates his ability to develop and execute strategies that drive substantial growth results.

By leveraging his deep understanding of the competitive landscape, Asim will be able to identify opportunities for Catalyser and develop strategic product positioning to benefit our clients.

How does Asim plan to enhance Catalyser's platform and offerings for client companies?

Leveraging his experience in broadening marketplace and technology consulting services at Vanishing Point and Bountye, Asim is committed to offering clients enhanced support in achieving their CSR objectives. He plans to incorporate valuable insights and best practices from his previous ventures to enhance the platform experience for customers, while simultaneously addressing the growing importance of ESG engagement for clients across various industries.

How will Asim Brown ensure that Catalyser continues to lead the industry in CSR platform innovation?

Asim has a proven track record of leading organisations through periods of change and growth. His vision for Catalyser is to continue to build on the strong foundations the cofounders have built while leveraging Catalyser’s innovative approach to CSR. Asim believes Catalyser can improve its market position while continuing to remain nimble and responsive in helping us to reach our goal to become a world-class, global platform.

We are excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead for both Catalyser and our clients under Asim's guidance.