The secret to growing your social impact

3 thought leaders to inspire your giving program
3 thought leaders to inspire your giving program
January 15, 2019
Why donation matching matters
Why donation matching matters
February 20, 2019

The nature of corporate giving in Australia is changing and here’s the secret to growing your company’s employee giving success.

It’s the old adage that continues to ring true: choose quality over quantity. The nature of corporate giving in Australia is changing. Companies are moving away from letting staff give to any charity of choice – and with 54,000 registered charities in Australia, it’s easy to understand why.

Do fewer things well

Take some time up front to determine what causes you want to focus on and choose big projects with long-term goals rather than lots of small, fragmented ones.

By taking a strategic approach, you’ll be giving your employees the opportunity to create greater impact. You will achieve stronger buy-in from your staff as they grow a stronger connection to the cause your are uniting behind. A long-term, strategic approach is also of much greater benefit to your charity of choice as it means they have the security of funding to invest in long-term and proactive work, rather than reactive work tied to unpredictable funding.

Don’t forget, employees still have the flexibility to support other charities of choice outside of work.

Narrow your focus area

Many larger corporates, including some of the major banks and professional services organisations, are narrowing their focus areas to align with causes closer to their core values. There is a trend on the rise where businesses, whether they’re small or large, are shifting the way they think about giving. No longer is ‘just donating’ enough – instead, they want to see those donations concentrated and having a genuine impact on a specific social area of need. They want to be a part of that story of change.

Find a cause or a group of causes that align with your organisation’s mission and vision. Know who you want to support and why. Be as specific as possible about what issue you are trying to alleviate so that you know you can have an impact on a real world issue.