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Catalyser is excited to announce that we will soon be opening up registrations to all eligible charities.

If you're interested to learn more about Catalyser, please complete the expression of interest form below. We will be in touch shortly with updates and opportunities to attend our charity webinars.

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Here's what some of our charities are saying


This technology is offering something new in the market. Catalyser has the potential to move the dial on corporate giving.

Corporate Partnerships, The Salvation Army

We were amazed at how employees were so engaged while using Catalyser. We really understood the power of collective giving - in less than 3 weeks, we were able to raise $140K with one of our corporate partners. For us, the process was so easy, and so smooth.

Philanthropy Manager, The Wayside Chapel

It was so easy to use Catalyser with one of our corporate partners. We raised $56K from one employee giving event. The design and branding for our event was beautiful and helped us to share the work we're doing. For a small charity like us, accessing so many new donors was fantastic. Receiving 100% of our donations is also so important - every cent counts.

Partnerships and Sustainability Officer, Dandelion Support Network

Frequently asked questions for charities

Please email us at if you have questions which aren't listed below.

How can my charity receive donations through Catalyser?
Currently, in all our countries of operation, Catalyser is only working directly with the charity partners of our corporate clients. However, we will soon extend our registration process to all eligible non-profits with the relevant charity status in each of our countries. If you're interested to hear more, please complete the expression of interest form at the top of this page, and we will keep you updated.
How much does it cost my charity to be involved with Catalyser?
For our charity partners, Catalyser is absolutely free of charge. We do not charge registration fees, ongoing processing fees or any fees at all. We also don't take any percentage of the donations made to your charity, so you get 100% of your funds. We're proud to support your work in this way.
What sort of charities does Catalyser work with?
At the moment, Catalyser only works with the charity partners of our corporate clients. However, we have designed the way our platform works to make sure small charities, new charities and little known charities are not disadvantaged or lost amongst a cast of thousands. All our charity partners are active and creative when it comes to corporate partnerships and being an employee giving partner.

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