Catalyser Ready to Go Solution for Corporate Fundraising

Are you Ready to create a Big Impact?

Your company is ready for a more bespoke and simple solution to raise funds for deserving causes.


We can help you create your own bespoke Community Impact Hub. We have been supporting leading companies scale and activate their disaster and emergency fundraising appeals.

What is a Bespoke Community Impact Hub?

Your company’s dedicated and branded page for employees, clients or any supporters to directly support your appeal.

Including the following:

Communications and Media package to support you getting the word out there through your social media channels;

A giving and social impact summary at the end of your Appeal.

How to get started with your Bespoke Community Hub solution?

Getting started with Catalyser is a breeze:

Step 1: Sign up for our Community Impact Hub;

Step 2: Send us all the documents and answer the questions required to make the Community Impact Hub and media package tailored to your organisation’s identity;

Step 3: Discover your platform within 2 business days after completing step 2 ;

Step 4: Start promoting your appeal!


The Community Impact Hub has already leverage over AUD$1.000.000 supporting our incredible community organisations hard work:

Join and sign up to our Bespoke Community Impact Hub: