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10 Sustainable Conference Gift Ideas


Are you looking to make your next conference or event more sustainable? One way to do so is by offering sustainable gifts to speakers and attendees. There's a wide range of eco-friendly options to choose from, from charity cards to reusable water bottles to ethically sourced coffee. In this guide, we'll explore some of the best sustainable gift ideas for conference speakers that not only reduce waste but also leave a positive impact on the environment and community.

Give Back Card

The Give Back Card is an innovative, sustainable and tax deductible charity donation card that can be gifted to conference attendees and speakers and allows the recipients to support the causes close to their hearts!
It's a meaningful way to thank your guests and with connections to registered charities in Australia and overseas, there's a cause for every individual to champion.

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Reusable Water Bottles

Encourage attendees who are always on the go to stay hydrated by providing them with reusable water bottles as practical and environmentally friendly gifts. Consider these options from:

Frank Green

Frank Green, an Australian brand, offers sustainable drinkware. Their multi-award-winning customisable reusable cups and bottles make memorable conference gifts, promoting both sustainability and brand identity. With a mission to eliminate single-use plastic, they create premium, beautifully designed products for daily use, empowering individuals to make eco-conscious choices and leave a lasting impact on the planet.

The rCUP from Closed Loop

The rCUP is the world's first reusable coffee cup made from disposable coffee cups. Former Dyson designer Dan Dicker and a team of recycling experts, including Closed Loop and Nextek, collaborated to create this eco-friendly solution. With its 100% leak-proof design, it is the perfect sustainable conference gift for coffee lovers on-the-go.

made by Fressko

Based in Melbourne, Made by Fressko offers sustainable, reusable coffee cups and flasks crafted from premium materials such as glass, bamboo, and stainless steel. Their products are responsibly made using only 100% BPA-free materials, providing a durable, eco friendly alternative to disposable cups.

Sustainable Gift Sets and Hampers

Elevate your conference gifting with thoughtfully curated sustainable conference gift bags or hampers. Consider the following options:

Gifts For The Planet

Explore a diverse selection of eco friendly corporate gifts from Gifts For The Planet. Their thoughtfully curated collection ranges from organic skincare to accessories sourced from local vendors, making them the perfect thank you gifts for guest speakers and attendees at your next event. With a commitment to sustainability, Gifts For The Planet champions a greener future by donating a tree in Australia for every gift hamper sold.

Bits of Australia

Bits of Australia makes gift-giving easy by offering a variety of Australian-made gift boxes, such as food hampers and corporate baskets. They prioritise quality by sourcing from over 100 small Australian businesses, all while promoting sustainable practices and minimising carbon miles. Explore their selection by visiting their stores in Balmain East and Manly.

Biome Eco Gifts

Biome, a women-led B Corp with stores in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne, offers a carefully selected range of ethical and sustainable corporate gifts. Their collection includes the Biome Mindfulness Box and Relaxation Box. Their skincare and beauty line is free from synthetic preservatives and petrochemicals, and all products are palm oil-free, packaged using minimal or recyclable materials.

Charity Products

Create a positive impact with charity products, giving conference speakers and attendees the opportunity to support worthwhile causes. Here are some organisations to consider:

Salvos Stores

Shop second-hand items at Salvos Stores, where proceeds support The Salvation Army's community programs, reducing waste and contributing to meaningful causes. With 330 retail stores recycling pre-loved goods, 100% of profits from your purchases and donations fund programs that end hunger, homelessness, and strengthen families and communities.

Clean Up Australia

Support recycling initiatives with gifts from Clean Up Australia's BUY RECYCLED program, which offers a range of products such as stationery and yoga mats to promote the circular economy and encourage sustainable consumption habits. As one of Australia's most trusted environmental organisations, Clean Up Australia provides free resources year-round, assisting communities, schools, and youth groups in their environmental conservation efforts.

Australian Conservation Foundation

Opt for merchandise from Australia's national environment organisation. By purchasing the ACF Wild at Art 2024 Calendar and 2024 ACF Nature Diary, you support efforts to conserve Australia's unique wildlife and beautiful beaches.

Take 3

Take 3, an award-winning charity based in Australia, offers a range of gift items, including reusable products and beach cleanup kits, aimed at reducing ocean plastic pollution. Proceeds from purchases support education programs in schools and communities, raising awareness about environmental conservation. The charity also provides sustainable apparel made from organic cotton, with profits funding ocean cleanup efforts.

Chocolates - Ethically and Sustainably Sourced

Indulge in guilt-free treats with ethically and sustainably sourced chocolates, offering conference attendees a delicious way to support responsible farming practices. Consider options such as:

Haigh’s Chocolates

Crafted with sustainably farmed Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa beans, Haigh’s Chocolates ensures environmentally friendly production practices and fair treatment of farmers. Offering an extensive range of unique and customisable options, from their Pillow Boxes to their Hampers, their chocolates make the perfect gift for your next function.

Jasper + Myrtle

Specialising in award-winning artisanal chocolates made from ethically sourced cacao beans from Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, Jasper + Myrtle’s commitment to sustainability extends from sourcing to packaging.

Locally sourced Sustainable Coffee

Energise conference presenters and participants by providing ethically and sustainably sourced coffee options, offering flavorful and conscientious gift choices. Consider selections from these sustainable coffee companies:

Sprout Coffee

Choose ethically sourced organic and Fairtrade beans from Sprout Coffee, supporting sustainable farming practices. As a Certified Social Enterprise, the company offers high-quality and cost-effective coffee solutions for offices across Australia.

Change Coffee

Change Coffee, a social enterprise by World Vision Australia, offers specialty grade coffee sourced ethically from Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and B Corp-certified supply chains. All profits support coffee-growing communities, making it an ideal sustainable gift that leaves a positive impact.

Jasper Coffee

Jasper Coffee, an Australian family-owned B Corp Specialty Coffee Roaster, prioritises sustainability by selecting coffees grown and harvested under organic and shade-grown conditions. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their use of compostable packaging, plastic-free coffee cups, and their carbon-neutral operations. With the largest selection of single-origin beans, blends, Fairtrade, and specialty coffees in Australia, Jasper Coffee offers the perfect sustainable conference gifts for attendees or event speakers.

Tea Leaves

Delight conference speakers and attendees with ethically sourced tea, a soothing and sustainable gift option that not only pleases the palate but also promotes a healthier planet. Consider options such as:

Nerada Tea

Discover Nerada Tea, ethically sourced and proudly rooted in Brisbane. Nerada Tea holds the Rainforest Alliance Certification for its pesticide-free black tea, demonstrating their commitment to eco friendly practices. They utilise 100% compostable tea bag paper and prioritise local sourcing, ensuring sustainability at every step. Explore their range of high-quality teas, from loose leaf to organic blends, ideal for sustainable conference speaker gifts.

Tea Tonic

Based in Melbourne, Tea Tonic offers a diverse selection of organic loose-leaf teas and tea bags, from classic blends to gourmet flavours. Committed to sustainability, Tea Tonic sources organic materials, utilises eco-friendly packaging, and focuses on natural, pesticide-free ingredients. It's the ideal choice for tea enthusiasts who prioritise quality and ethical consumption.

Upcycled and Recycled Items

Show your appreciation with upcycled and recycled gifts. By choosing these speaker gifts, you demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility and appeal to environmentally conscious attendees and stakeholders. Consider these gift ideas for keynote speakers for your upcoming event:

Green Collect

Green Collect, a leading circular economy practitioner in Victoria, is dedicated to sustainable environmental and social change. Through their Circular Stores, they offer quality second-hand, upcycled, and ethical products at affordable prices, spanning from household items to electronics. Choosing gifts from Green Collect supports their mission of promoting eco friendly business practices and environmental conservation.

Upcycle Studio

The Upcycle Studio specialises in all things upcycled, recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed, offering a beautiful range of everyday reusable and zero-waste products, from home decor to jewellery. Committed to making a greener impact, Upcycle Studio participates in the global profit-sharing movement by donating a minimum of one percent of its yearly gross sales to support nonprofit environmental organisations through 1% for the Planet.

Scented Candles

Set the ambiance with sustainable scented candles made from natural ingredients. These candles offer a warm and eco-conscious gift experience, making them one of the best gifts for guest speakers. Here are some options to consider:

Mojo Candle Co

Mojo Candle Co, based in the Southern Highlands, handcrafts eco-conscious candles using reclaimed wine bottles and sustainable materials, infusing each with nature-inspired scents. Their commitment to eco-friendly production, carbon-offset deliveries, and 100% Australian Greenpower usage makes them an ideal choice for sustainable, locally-made gifts.


MOVINKA offers sustainable candles made from 100% natural and renewable coconut and soy wax, infused with fragrances free from phthalates and parabens. Hand-poured in small batches, each candle is packaged in recyclable materials and delivered with carbon-neutral shipping. Their Flame to Flora collection provides an opportunity to repurpose candle jars with an exclusive seed and soil kit, making it an ideal choice for gifting while promoting sustainability and zero waste.

Plant Kits

Foster a connection to nature among conference attendees with plant kits, providing a green and eco-friendly gift option. Consider options such as:


Promote urban gardening and cultivate green spaces by exploring UrbanGreens’ range of grow kits, which include Sprout kits and jars, Urban Seed Balls, Australian Native Flower Kits, Microgreens kits, and Garden Starter Kits. These eco-conscious plant kits make perfect gifts for keynote speakers.

Final thoughts

Incorporating sustainable gifts into your conference not only aligns with environmental values but also leaves a positive impression on attendees. From reusable water bottles to plant kits, these eco friendly gifts offer practicality, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to sustainability. By choosing sustainable conference gifts, you're not only reducing waste but also inspiring others to make environmentally conscious choices. We hope this guide provides you with valuable insights and ideas for making your conference or event more sustainable. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to send us a message.