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April 18, 2019
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It’s About Your Brand, Not Ours


Ensure your giving program is an impactful extension of your corporate brand, adding value on multiple fronts. This is the Catalyser way.

No one understands the importance of a strong brand more than HR professionals. Whether it’s recruiting new staff, or retaining existing ones, a trustworthy and recognisable brand is intrinsic to the success of an organisation.

That’s why, when it comes to launching a meaningful corporate giving program, you’ll want software that enables you to let your brand shine – rather than swallow it whole.

The Catalyser way

While some employee giving platforms require you to outsource your giving to a third-party website, Catalyser’s approach is to enhance and maximise your program, while staying firmly in the background – meaning your employees won’t even know we’re there.

We do this through white-labelling. White-labelling is the process of customising the look and feel of a software product so that your employees are not able to distinguish it from your own intranet and IT environment.

“The colours, branding, language, image style: everything about the look and feel of your employee giving platform should reflect your company’s own brand as well as your company’s own values,” says Catalyser co-founder Aivee Robinson, adding “it’s even possible to customise email templates and details like your own FAQs.”

A branded environment means greater employee uptake

A branded employee giving environment demonstrates to staff that your company is serious about employee giving, so much so that you have invested in a quality tool designed to ensure staff have an engaging and secure experience.

After all, a major part of giving is trust and your employees will feel more secure in a giving environment that is their own.

Creating a seamless giving platform

In order to achieve consistency, your corporate giving platform should integrate seamlessly with the look and feel of your company’s IT environment. Think carefully about your brand indicators and how these can be tied into your employee giving platform.

A significant barrier to participation is when staff are required to visit an external site, create an account and log in using a new password. Catalyser enables single sign-on and integration with your staff database, meaning your employees can arrive at work and access your giving platform without any logins or passwords. The system will identify the user and store their giving information and history in your staff database. If someone changes offices, goes on extended leave, or starts a new role, the system will automatically update.

Pick and choose the features you need, without having to adopt a one-size-fits-all model. If, for example, your company only has a volunteering program, you don’t need to pay for fundraising, donation features and functions; only a volunteering module. If you want to add more features, such as crowdfunding or appeals, then you can add those on when you’re ready.

“We’ve created a modular structure, which means that each employer, whether they’re big or small, can pick and choose the features they need. They only pay for the functionality that they require,” says Robinson, adding it’s about creating a more integrated and streamlined experience for your staff.

As a result, you’ll reclaim the time and space to concentrate on what’s important: your company’s impact in the world.

Catalyser is a business solution for employee giving. To book a demo or find out how we can help your company improve its employee giving, call 1800 233 138 or email