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April 26, 2024
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National Volunteer Week 2024: How to Get Involved


National Volunteer Week 2024 is just around the corner, and this year’s theme, ‘Something for Everyone’, promises to be a celebration of the diverse talents and passions that volunteers bring to our communities. Whether you are passionate about environmental conservation, community outreach, or educational programs, there’s a place for your unique skills and interests in the volunteering world. Let's delve into what makes this week special and how you can get involved.

About National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week (NVW) 2024 will be held from May 20 to May 26. Established in 1989, NVW is Australia’s premier event celebrating volunteers and volunteerism. Each year, this special week provides an opportunity to highlight the crucial role volunteers play in our communities and encourages those not yet involved to consider giving it a go. Volunteering Australia, the national peak body for volunteering, leads this celebration in consultation with state and territory Volunteering Peak Bodies. They set the theme, develop collateral, and coordinate merchandise for the volunteering ecosystem.

Volunteering Australia will produce a suite of digital resources and key messaging to share leading up to and during NVW. These resources will help increase awareness of the vital role volunteers play in our lives. You can find many resources available for free through their website, including logos, e-cards, certificates, invitations, posters, social media images, email and web banners, and printable selfie frames.

Impact of Volunteering on Communities

Volunteering significantly impacts communities by fostering social connections, enhancing skills, and addressing critical societal needs. Volunteers contribute millions of hours each year, providing services and support that might otherwise be unavailable. For instance, according to Volunteering Australia, the economic value of volunteering was estimated at over $477.5million value in 2017. This immense contribution helps to build resilient and cohesive communities.

Getting Involved in National Volunteer Week

There are numerous ways to get involved in NVW 2024 and make a difference:
  • Participate in Events: Many organisations host events such as community clean-ups, fundraisers, and volunteer fairs. Join these events to connect with like-minded individuals and find volunteer opportunities.
  • Share Your Story: Use social media to share your volunteer experiences and inspire others. Utilise the hashtags #NVW2024 and #SomethingForEveryone to join the conversation.
  • Recognise Volunteers: If you manage volunteers, take this week to recognise their contributions. Host appreciation events, give out certificates, and publicly acknowledge their hard work.
  • Start Volunteering: If you’re new to volunteering, NVW is the perfect time to start. Look for opportunities that match your interests and skills. Catalyser can help you source local opportunities for your organisation. Get in touch with us via by emailing

5 Charities Offering Volunteering Opportunities in Australia

Support Indigenous Literacy with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Organise a book collection drive within your office to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Employees can donate new or gently used children's books that will help improve literacy among Indigenous children in remote communities. Learn more about the foundation and how to get involved on their website.

Host a Food Drive with Foodbank Australia

Organise a company-wide food drive to collect non-perishable food items and donate them to Foodbank Australia. This initiative can be supported by hosting collection points in office locations and encouraging employees to participate. Foodbank Australia provides resources and guidance for organising food drives.

Team Volunteering Day with St Vincent de Paul Society

Arrange a team volunteering day where employees can spend a day working at local Vinnies shops or assisting with community services. This hands-on approach not only supports St Vincent de Paul Society but also fosters team bonding. Learn more about volunteer opportunities with St Vincent de Paul Society.

Organise a Clean-up Event with Clean-up Australia

Organise a corporate day out where employees participate in local environmental conservation projects, such as park or beach clean-ups. Clean-Up Australia offers various opportunities to get involved in preserving natural habitats. More information can be found on their website.

Join a Learning Group for The Smith Family

Learning Clubs provide a safe, fun, and supportive learning environment where students can get help with their schoolwork or participate in activities which strengthen their academic and social skills. Students are directly assisted by dedicated volunteer Learning Club tutors, outside of school hours. This extra learning and interpersonal support provided by our Clubs and tutors helps students experiencing poverty to keep up in class, stay engaged with their education, and succeed at school. Find out how to participate on The Smith Family's website.

Final thoughts

National Volunteer Week 2024 is a celebration of the incredible contributions volunteers make to our communities. The theme ‘Something for Everyone’ highlights the diverse opportunities available and invites everyone to find their place in the world of volunteering. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or new to the experience, there’s no better time to get involved, share your passion, and make a difference.


When is National Volunteer Week 2024?

National Volunteer Week 2024 will be held from May 20 to May 26.

Who organises National Volunteer Week?

Volunteering Australia, in consultation with state and territory Volunteering Peak Bodies, organises National Volunteer Week.

How can I get involved in National Volunteer Week?

You can get involved by participating in events, sharing your volunteer story, recognizing volunteers, or starting to volunteer.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering offers benefits such as skill development, social connections, improved mental and physical health, and a sense of purpose.

Where can I find volunteer opportunities?

Catalyser can help you source local opportunities for your organisation. Get in touch with us via by emailing

What resources are available for National Volunteer Week?

Volunteering Australia provides digital resources including logos, e-cards, certificates, invitations, posters, social media images, email and web banners, and printable selfie frames.