3 thought leaders to inspire your giving program
3 Thought Leaders to Inspire Your Giving Program
January 15, 2019

Catalyser Achieves B Corp Certification


Catalyser is proud to have achieved B Corporation status, joining the global movement of companies committed to business as a force for good.

Catalyser is the newest Australian company to achieve B Corporation certification. This modest group of 209 leading Australian companies is part of a fast-growing, global movement to “be the change that we seek in the world”. Worldwide, there are currently close to 2,500 certified B Corporations in over 50 countries and representing 130 different industries.

It’s Not Only What You Do that Matters, It’s Also How You Do it

Catalyser is a social enterprise that was created with the intention to use technology to solve practical problems to bring about social change. Our vision of seeing charities receiving sustainable resources to enable their important work is the foundation of why we exist.

Our day to day business is about enabling companies to bring their commitment to social responsibility to life. We do this by offering our innovative employee giving platform to companies of all sizes, and customising our technology to reflect the unique needs of each company.

But what about us? We believe a commitment to social responsibility must start at home, with us. Achieving B Corporation certification is a powerful way for Catalyser to be recognised for the way we prioritise social, human and environmental outcomes as a core part of who we are as a business, how we do business, and why we do business.

Committed to Redefining What Business Success Looks Like

To achieve B Corporation certification, Catalyser demonstrated that our business practices, structure and values meet rigorous global standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. We have been verified as having a genuine commitment to ensuring that we create value for not only our customers and shareholders, but for all our stakeholders, including our local community, our employees and the environment.

Catalyser joins the ranks of global companies who are well renowned for being socially responsible corporations including outdoor clothing company Patagonia, ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry’s, eye-wear leader Warby Parker, and publicly listed e-commerce giant Etsy.

Catalyser is a business solution for employee giving. To book a demo or find out how we can help your company improve its employee giving, call 1800 233 138 or email hello@catalyser.com.