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Catalyser partners with PayPal and Meta to achieve $200 million for charities


Catalyser is proud to be part of the technology partnership achieving hundreds of millions for important social causes.

As a partner of PayPal Giving Fund, Catalyser has joined forces with Meta, PayPal, GoFundMe and Humble Bundle to engage donors at every point of their daily lives.

Through this unique technology partnership, individuals can contribute donations to be a part of lasting change and impact through their giving platform at work through Catalyser, through microdonations at the checkout through PayPal, while on social media through Meta, and when purchasing games and software through Humble Bundle.

Catalyser Co-Founder and CEO, Aivee Robinson said she was thrilled with the achievement so far and eager to see what this team of leading tech partners could accomplish together.

What makes this partnership so exciting is the way it leverages technology to enable giving and supporting charities to become a part of everyday life - whether you’re at work, shopping online, or scrolling Instagram or Facebook,” Robinson said. “$200 million raised for charities in such a short period of time is an incredible milestone that we’re all proud of. But we know it’s just the beginning; the potential impact of this partnership is immense.

Donations are made to PayPal Giving Fund, who then provide grants to nominated charities. Operating costs are covered by partners like PayPal, removing the need for PayPal Giving Fund to charge charities or donors, and 100 per cent of funds received by PayPal Giving Fund are granted to charities

PayPal Giving Fund Executive Director, Erica McLernon said digital giving, including donations made through PayPal Giving Fund, are an increasingly important source of revenue for charities and the families and communities that rely on them. “We enable our partner programs to operate at scale and this can literally change what a charity thought was possible for their charitable programs,” McLernon said.

With our cashless society expanding to all areas of life, digital giving has also become the preferred method for many donors. In the workplace, employees increasingly expect their employers to offer a digital workplace giving platform which streamlines their portfolio of giving and provides them with a clear record of their contributions at the click of a button.

Since joining the PayPal Giving Fund technology partnership, Catalyser has become the giving platform with the largest charity network in the APAC region, with over 20,000 charity partners onboard. This charity network expansion gives Catalyser’s clients and their employees the largest pool of charities to support across all social cause areas.

For more information on how Catalyser’s partnerships or employee giving platform and solutions can support your workplace’s corporate social responsibility efforts, contact the Catalyser team.