Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) is an organisation dedicated to improving the conditions for women all over the world by providing clean Birthing Kits. Its simple contents provide the resources to reduce infection and fatalities.

BKFA makes it easy for Australian businesses to engage their staff in volunteering and team building.

BKFA offers a unique, hands-on volunteer experience through its Birthing Kit Assembly Program; giving staff the opportunity to make a positive global impact through their employer. This team focused activity is a great way to build positive workplace culture and support corporate social responsibility programs.

Assembly days are fun, empowering and positive experiences that everyone can get involved in!

About the opportunity

Birthing Kit Assembly Day

Volunteers will be assembling each birthing kit with: gloves, plastic sheet, soap, cord ties, gauze and sterile blade.
Each item in the BKFA birthing kit works to reduce infections at key high risk moments of care during labour, birth and immediately post-birth for the mother, newborn and birth attendant.

Cost: $1,000 for 200 kits ($5/kit) with a minimum of 200 kits. This covers all materials in the Birthing Kit, costs associated with assembly, warehousing & freight of kits, and overall program management inclusive of monitoring and evaluation.


Australia wide



Or you may contact Hilary Carruthers – Assembly Day Coordinator