About the opportunity

Is your organisation passionate about the precious land and water assets that sustain us?

Deliver positive environmental outcomes with the Landcare Australia Corporate Environmental Volunteering (CEV) program.

The CEV program has been running for over 20 years and has significantly contributed to the better management of Australia’s crucial land and water assets.

Engage your staff in a meaningful project. It’s also a great way to build teams and increase staff engagement within the workplace!

A typical day:

A typical corporate volunteer day runs from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm across a range of sites within 30-45 minutes of CBD’s in each state and territory. Landcare will have an experienced team leader onsite to lead your corporate volunteering day and ensure its success.

Your team will get:

• A detailed overview of the local site including information on local environmental issues.
• A toolbox talk including a WH&S briefing.
• A site tour to understand the biodiversity of the area and what the community group hopes to achieve long term.
• Dirty hands! Depending on the site location, current Landcare activities and the natural resource management plan of the area, your team could be involved in planting, mulching and weeding, plant propagation, seed collection and nursery work, cultural heritage restoration, or general site maintenance and bush regeneration activities.
• A team photo with your Landcare hosts.
• Take home key environmental messages including how everyone can contribute at home and the workplace, and how you can get involved in a local group that works on environmental issues.


Please contact the Corporate Volunteering Team at Landcare Australia for group package costs.


All around Australia.

Coastal areas, native bushland, urban sites or regional locations, within 30-45 minutes of CBD’s in each state and territory.


Contact: https://landcareaustralia.org.au/contact/

Ph. 1800 151 105

Website: https://landcareaustralia.org.au/