Why donation matching matters
Why Donation Matching Matters
February 20, 2019
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Are You an Employer of Choice?
April 2, 2019

4 Ways for HR to Increase Employee Motivation to Give


There are many reasons why employee giving has a positive impact on work culture.

For starters, a meaningful culture of giving in the workplace fosters a sense of purpose in employees and connects them to their place of employment in an intangible, but meaningful way.

So, what are the best ways to incentivise employees motivation to keep giving? Here are four practical strategies you can start implementing in your workplace.

1. Get Creative

Man holding a Playstation gaming console at his company charity event

Who says that corporate social responsibility needs to be boring? Creative initiatives are a key way to boost employee motivation to give. We suggest adding a charity “call to arms” element to regular employee engagement activities. Try to think outside the box when coming up with ideas, or even survey your employees for their ideas. For example, you could hold a games night with plenty of food and drinks, and ask for donations throughout the night.

One of Catalyser’s clients used their regular staff trivia night to raise money for a family support charity. They managed to raise close to $60,000 on the night, just as a one-off event. The client also allowed employees to use payroll giving to donate on the night, which maximised participation.

2. Encourage Some Friendly Competition

If you want to boost employee motivation to give, why not create some good-natured competition between staff? You can do this by setting up group or company-wide goals to achieve. This is also a great way to make your workplace giving program more visible. After some inspiration? Another one of Catalyser’s clients facilitated a competitive running challenge among its employees, and the staff members were able to raise a whooping $140,000 in just three weeks for a social welfare organisation.

The reason this strategy worked so well is that employees become so emotionally invested in seeing their team win that donations kept shooting up day after day. The campaign created a palpable buzz around the office, encouraging people to keep coming back to add to their previous donations.

3. Make a Match

A cup filled with donations to charity with a small tree beginning to grow

Donation matching is one of the most effective way of engaging employees in giving activities. It's also a key way to demonstrate corporate support for their hard work and financial contribution. If your company isn’t able to offer dollar-for-dollar donation matching, there are still creative ways to use matching.

You could match donations dollar-for-dollar until a certain ceiling is reached, say $1000, to get a campaign off to a strong start. Or you could promise to throw in a bonus amount from the company once donations hit $5000. Maybe you could try matching up to $50 per person to encourage all staff to participate. There are many inventive ways to show employees your company is just as engaged with employee giving as they are.

4. Set Targets

A final way to boost employee motivation to give is to set targets that have a tangible social impact, rather than aiming to reach a particular amount in donations. For example, you could incentivise employees by saying that this Christmas, you want to provide hot meals and a special toy for 50 children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This is called using an “impact handle”. It offers a more effective way to communicate goals, as opposed to just naming dollar totals and leaving it at that. The more visual and detailed your “impact handle” is, the better. The reason impact handles work is that they bring the value of donations to life for your employees and help them to engage with the cause they're supporting.

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