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June 18, 2024

Growing Forests and Climate Hope with Greenfleet


As the end of the financial year approaches, our team met with Rebecca Peake from Greenfleet to learn about their initiatives and goals for the upcoming year.

Greenfleet is an environmental not-for-profit organisation that has delivered climate action for over 25 years. They plant legally protected native forests in Australia and New Zealand to restore nature and capture carbon emissions on behalf of our supporters. As they grow, these forests help fight the impacts of climate change, improve soil and water quality, and restore habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species.

Key Initiatives and Achievements

Greenfleet has been restoring native forests for over 25 years. Since 1997, they’ve planted over 10.8 million trees to create 550 native forests in Australia and New Zealand. These forests are legally protected for up to 100 years and have a number of environmental benefits including:

Carbon Removal: The legally protected forests established will absorb 5 million tonnes of carbon throughout their lifetime. This is equivalent to removing approximately 1.2 million average vehicles from Australia’s roads for awhole year!

Habitat restoration: Greenfleet’s forests create and extend protected habitat for Australia’s wildlife. This includes koalas and many other endangered and vulnerable species.

Community Engagement: Greenfleet engages with local communities, educating them about the importance of reforestation and climate action. In 2023, Greenfleet strengthened their ties with Indigenous communities, delivered the Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the Kabi Kabi in Noosa, engaged with the Boon Wurrung in South Gippsland, and advanced their Reconciliation Action Plan.

Plans and Focus for FY25

In 2024 Greenfleet has revegetation projects in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and New Zealand. As they look to the future, they will continue establishing new legally protected forests to deliver climate action on behalf of their supporters. Some of Greenfleet’s 2024 projects include:

  • Ivory Creek, Yuggera Country, QLD: This forest will improve connectivity along Ivory Creek in the Brisbane River Catchment. It will extend habitat for koalas and Grey Headed Flying Foxes, two species that are endangered in Queensland. The reforestation work will also improve water quality and deliver other far reaching environmental benefits.
  • River Bend, Ngunawal Country, NSW: Located North of the Namadgi National Park, River Bend is being restored to deliver climate action, reduce soil erosion and build habitat for wildlife. In 2024, Greenfleet will restore over 20 hectares of this site to legally protected native forest after the area was over cleared for farming and agriculture. There are areas of remnant vegetation on the property and by restoring native trees and plants, we will extend these forests and the habitat they provide.
  • Strzelecki Nature Link, Boon Wurrung Country, VIC: Located on Boon Wurrung Country, the Strzelecki Nature Link is made up of four Greenfleet owned properties in South Gippsland. Once restored, it will form a 3.5-kilometer stretch of contiguous koala habitat. By planting locally native tree species, the establishment of the Strzelecki Nature Link will deliver climate action by removing carbon and ensure safe passage for wildlife.

    Corporate Partnerships and Support

    Greenfleet’s work is fully funded by corporate and individual support. Corporate support is vital for the success of Greenfleet’s programs. Companies can support Greenfleet through various means, including:

    Support by offsetting carbon emissions: Greenfleet enables business to offset their carbon emitting activities including:

  • corporate fleet or individual vehicles
  • domestic and international flights
  • electricity and fuel
  • staff, working in offices or remotely
  • deliveries and freight
  • conferences and events
  • calculated tonnes of CO2-e
  • Discover how to offset emissions as a business here.

    Workplace Giving: Employees can contribute a portion of their salary to Greenfleet, providing a steady stream of support. Employees can make a donation of their choice, or offset their carbon footprint for just $1 a day. It's a rewarding way to support Greenfleet which empowers employees and demonstrates business' commitment to climate action and the environment.

    Fundraising for Greenfleet: Businesses can participate in fundraising efforts in order to help expand Greenfleet’s reach and impact.

    Engaging Employees and Promoting Greenfleet

    To maximise the impact of corporate support, it’s crucial to engage employees and raise awareness about Greenfleet’s work. Companies can:

    Host Information Sessions: Invite Greenfleet representatives to speak with employees about the foundation’s mission and impact.

    Leverage Internal Communications: Use newsletters and other internal communication channels to share stories and updates about Greenfleet’s initiatives.

    Final thoughts

    Greenfleet is committed to growing climate hope by restoring native forests. They work with hundreds of organisations to deliver climate action on their behalf. By working with Greenfleet, you can authentically manage your carbon footprint and support the critical restoration of Australia’s native forests.

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