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Catalyser achieves ISO27001 Certification
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3 top environmental charities you should support in Singapore


While Singapore has taken considerable measures towards maintaining the balance between development and environmental conservation. The small and urban dense nation still faces challenges in environmental sustainability and climate change.

In this article, we will explore three great charities that are driving change in how Singapore talks and acts about environmental protection, climate change and sustainable communities.

From empowering people to protect the most fundamental needs of life on Earth to education and advocacy for a zero-waste initiative, you will find sustainable movements that your employees will be sure to get behind.

Conservation International Singapore Conservation Trust

If you are looking for an environmental charity that really cares about protecting nature through well established and powerful scientific research, Conservation International Singapore is a leading charity for your company to consider.

Conservation International is a global non-profit organisation that has worked to protect nature for over 30 years, through cutting-edge science, innovative policy and global reach. They are committed to empowering people to protect life on Earth from the most fundamental of needs, food, water, and a stable climate.

In Singapore, Conservation International focuses on preventing further climate change through education and advocacy of emissions reduction and carbon storage. Locally, they are committed to boosting Singapore’s status as a conservation hub in Asia by continuously expanding their work and activities, engaging corporations in business sustainability, and developing their education programs.

Corporate partners can support Conservation International’s efforts to protect the environment and increase conservation through endorsing the following activities:

  • Environmental education programs that create virtual and educational resources to engage local schools in free and inversive environmental learning programs for children in Singapore.
  • University internships offering Singaporean university students first-hand experience supporting conservation efforts across the Asia-Pacific.
  • Scientific research and development of tools aimed to identify, value, and protect critical species and ecosystems.
  • Partnerships to establish endowments that fund protected areas.

Conservation International can provide your company with practical, online resources on sustainability for their employees to understand the unique environmental challenges faced by Singapore.

Want to include Conservation International Singapore in your CSR strategy?

Talk to our team or email us at, and we will help you connect with Conservation International Singapore and grow your company’s environmental impact.

Zero Waste Singapore

Does your organisation care about reducing wastage of resources and educating the community about conservation and zero-waste?

Zero Waste Singapore started as a website providing tips and resources on waste minimisation and has grown to a leading organisation driving the change to end waste in the community.

As an environmental charity they have reached over 55,000 people through their education and advocacy programs. Their programs focus on educating the community in Singapore to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle food waste, plastic disposables, household recycling and organisational waste.

To further raise awareness and inspire a behaviour change in Singapore, Zero Waste SG has engaged over 220 corporates in their talks, workshops and engagement packages.

Their short but insightful education talks and workshops provide corporate teams with a session about the climate and waste crisis complemented with practical tips about how every member of the organisation can be part of wider change. To further engage and motivate teams the session ends with DIY and upcycling workshops to make eco-friendly items like self-watering planters, coffee body scrub and many other innovative activities.

Zero Waste SG also provides tools for companies that are looking to start their journey towards sustainability and the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Their consultation sessions and sustainability leadership training help companies engage their employees while evaluating their value chain and finding opportunities to cut waste and take steps towards a circular economy.

Would you like to engage your employees and join the journey towards Singapore’s circular economy?

Our Catalyser Team can help you connect with Zero Waste SG and further your sustainability impact. Talk to our team or email us at

Trash Hero

Another environmental non-profit in Singapore that deeply cares about creating livable clean communities and reducing waste is Trash Hero World.

This global volunteering movement has a network that extends over 20 countries around the world. Their Singapore Chapter focuses on cleaning the beaches and streets of Singapore. Trash Hero aims to motivate people to work together with the whole community to create a clean and sustainable future for Singapore.

Aside from their community cleaning activities, Trash Hero volunteers create programs to educate children and adults about the impact of plastic trash and how to reduce and manage existing waste. They are inspiring the Singaporean community to break free from plastic and take “small steps” to normalise a vision of a zero-waste world.

Corporate partners can support Trash Hero through endorsing their activities, providing in-kind donations of cleaning materials and bringing their staff to participate in their clean-ups to experience first-hand the impact that waste has on the ocean and nature.

Would you like to get your team involved in a zero-waste community?

Contact the Catalyser Team or email us at to get your staff involved in a cleaner community.

Supporting local charities in Singapore

Catalyser is committed to enabling great social impact and growth in Asia by helping support local charities in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Catalyser’s employee giving software enables corporates around the world to promote, manage and report their CSR activities engaging their staff in volunteering, fundraising and growing awareness on the social issues they care about.

For many companies, it can be difficult to know how to start putting together a meaningful giving program that reflects the interests of your employees and aligns with the corporate social responsibility needs of your business.

Our Catalyser Lite offering, provides a complete out-of-the-box employee giving and corporate social responsibility solution that will engage your workplace throughout the year. We have created a tailored Catalyser Lite package for corporates in Singapore which includes our most recommended Singaporean charities working across environmental sustainability, children and education, poverty alleviation and mental health.

To discover how Catalyser can help your CSR program, get in touch with our team or reach out to us at