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The 7 Best Corporate Gifts That Are Bound to Please


Are you looking for a way to impress your clients, customers, employees, vendors, and prospects? Or maybe you simply want to say a heartfelt thanks to these stakeholders? 

Send them a corporate gift. As we’ll explore further below, corporate gifts are a key way to strengthen your company’s connection to the people who matter most to it. 

If you’re unsure whether it’s worth sending one, or you’re looking for the best corporate gift ideas, this guide will point you in the right direction. 

What is Corporate Gifting?

Before we shine a light on the best corporate gift ideas, let’s define what we mean by corporate gifting. Corporate gifting is the practice of sending a gift to a valued stakeholder in your business. 

While corporate gifting is typically associated with companies giving gifts to their existing clients, it can also include giving one to an employee, vendor, customer, or prospect. 

Corporate gifts can be given at any time throughout the year and for any range of reasons. But without a doubt, the most popular types of corporate gifts are corporate Christmas gifts and new year’s gifts, which are sent at the tail end of the year.

Why Should My Company Consider Giving Corporate Gifts? 

The act of corporate gifting offers companies a plethora of benefits. For starters, it sends a clear message to the recipient that your company values them. According to Mark Williams, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at Macquarie University, gifts “reinforce bonds and relationships between people.”

Corporate gifts are a great way to show your appreciation to your key stakeholders. Whether you want to thank your team for their hard work, or convey how grateful you are to a client for their continued business, corporate gifts are a simple but impactful way to send the message across.

They also provide a meaningful opportunity to touch base with vendors, customers, and prospects who you haven’t been in contact with in a while. By helping to put you on their radar again, corporate gifts may help your company to secure more business with such stakeholders.

With so many benefits, it’s hardly surprising that the corporate gifting market is booming—with more and more companies jumping on board. A recent study found that the corporate giving market will top $242 billion this year in the US alone.

If you’re ready to reap the rewards of corporate gifts, keep reading to discover the best corporate gift ideas out there.

1. Corporate Gift Hampers with Social Impact 

Global Sisters

Imagine if you could send a corporate gift that a) your recipient will love, and b) gives back to the community.

This is precisely what social impact gifts offer. Social impact gifts describe gifts that make a difference to the community in some way. Perhaps a portion of the profits is donated to a worthy cause or the business supplying the gifts actively supports one or more social causes.

Think of them as a gift that gives twice! 

If you want to discover the best corporate gift hampers with social impact, check out our top picks of corporate gifts that give back. You’ll find a variety of corporate gift hampers that are sure to please your recipients… and make a genuine social impact to boot. 

For example, you’ll find delicious corporate Christmas gifts that support Indigeneous businesses, beautifully packed corporate gift boxes filled with goodies that contribute to training and empowering survivors of domestic and family violence, and corporate gift hampers that help to generate income for Australian, women-led micro businesses. 

2. Branded Wine 

Want to send a gift that will put your company at the forefront of your stakeholders’ minds? Or maybe you’re looking to treat your employees to some company swag they’ll actually want to use? 

Branded corporate gifts can help you to achieve both of these objectives. Branded corporate gifts are gifts that are branded with your company’s design in some way. 

There is no shortage of options you can choose from when it comes to branded corporate gifts. Some popular options you may be familiar with include company-branded mugs, pens, and T-shirts.

But if you really want to impress, you’re going to have to think bigger. That’s why we suggest branded wine. It’s considered a sophisticated and practical gift that recipients genuinely appreciate receiving. 

Plus, we’re not just talking about any wine. We’re talking about wine with a label that shines a light on your business. The beauty is that every time your recipient takes a sip of their Sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay, they’ll be reflecting on how thoughtful your company is.

3. Premium Access to Your Platform or Service

Closeup of a man working on his computer at work

If your company provides a platform or service, another brilliant corporate gift idea is to offer premium access to it.

You could gift recipients with a few months of free access, upgrade them to a higher tier, or offer an exclusive discount code.

This corporate gift idea doesn’t just encourage your recipient to actively engage or re-engage with your platform or service. It can also help to boost your bottom line, as many recipients will end up signing up to a new plan, extending the length of their plan, or upgrading to a higher tier. 

4. Curated Gift Hamper of Your Products  

Assortment of skin care products that will be given to a client as a corporate gift

And how about for those of you who are part of a company that sells physical products? 

We recommend sending over a curated selection of your products. Doing so is a fantastic way to treat your recipient while promoting your offerings.

For example, you could create a corporate gift hamper that’s packed with some of your best sellers. Or you could just select a few of your products and combine them with other fancy treats.

If you have a soon-to-be-released product, you may wish to add it into your curated gift basket to let them sample it before anyone else. 

5. Charitable Donation

Woman holding change in palm of hands with a piece of paper that reads

Just like corporate gift hampers with social impact, a charitable donation is a gift that gives twice.

By donating on behalf of your recipient, you’ll be communicating to them that corporate social responsibility matters to your company. You’ll also be helping to support the community, so it’s really a win-win for everyone.

Before making a donation, be sure to put some thought into which organisation to donate to. In order for your gift to have the most impact, you’ll need to choose one that’s aligned with your company’s mission.

Once you’ve chosen, it’s a good idea to include a short note explaining why you selected the charity and how the donation will help. 

If you’re interested in donating to charity but still want to give a physical gift, consider looking at charities that have a charity shop. You can then shop for a gift where part or all of the proceeds will go to the given charity.   

6. Corporate Gift Card

Corporate Christmas Gift in a black box with a red ribbon and Christmas decorations

A corporate gift card is one of the easiest and most practical corporate gifts you can give. 

Many companies opt for corporate gift cards because they’re quick and simple to purchase. There’s also a wide variety of stores to choose from, so finding one that suits the recipient is usually a trouble-free process.

If you’re worried that this gift idea may seem impersonal, make sure to spend some time working out which store is best to offer a gift card from. To do this, work out what message you want to send and which store will best convey it.

Let’s say you want to thank your employees for their hard work and want to encourage them to unwind a bit. Sending a corporate gift card for a relaxing massage sends this message well. 

Or imagine that you want to show how much you care about your relationship with a client. As you know they’re a gourmand, a gift voucher to a hatted restaurant would show that you’re not only appreciative of their business, but also attentive to their interests.

7. Flowers or Plants

Bouquet of pink and white flowers for a corporate gift

Sometimes, the simplest corporate gifts can be the most effective. Our final suggestion is to send a bouquet of flowers or a plant to your clients, customers, employees, vendors, or prospects. 

Whether you choose a bouquet, succulent, or another plant, this corporate gift idea provides a heartfelt way to connect with your recipient.

To add another layer of thoughtfulness, consider working with a florist to come up with a custom design. Perhaps you could a bouquet of flowers in your brand colours, or select flowers based on their meanings.

The great thing about flowers and plants is that they are suitable for everything from corporate Christmas gifts to celebratory gifts.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored, corporate gifting isn’t just the physical act of giving a gift to a recipient. It also offers your business significant benefits that are well worth taking into account. If you’re thinking about sending a corporate gift, remember to turn to this guide to discover the best ideas to try out. 

While we’ve mainly focused on physical gifts in this guide, it’s important for your company to practice the gift of giving all year round. The best way to do this is by strengthening your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. As our clients have found, signing up with Catalyser is one of the most effective ways to boost CSR initiatives in the workplace. 

Catalyser equips companies with an all-in-one CSR solution that is designed to encourage workplace giving, streamline giving initiatives, and make CSR reporting hassle-free.

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