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Nonprofit Organizations To Support in The Philippines


Are you starting a CSR program, but feeling the pressure of building it from square one? We get it – choosing nonprofit organizations in the Philippines for your volunteering initiatives and deciding where the funds should go to amplify your company’s impact can feel overwhelming. For that reason, we put together a selection of 5 nonprofits in the Philippines making a real impact in the community. Think of it as your guide to kickstart your journey towards corporate social responsibility and create meaningful change in the year ahead.

World Vision

World Vision stands tall as the Philippines' largest nonprofit organization, boasting a legacy of over 65 years dedicated to transforming the lives of Filipino children, families, and communities. With the unwavering support of Filipino sponsors, companies, and corporate foundations, World Vision continuously makes a monumental impact, touching the lives of over 1.5 million children each year.

Campaign: Bawat Batang Pinoy Malusog

Bawat Batang Pinoy Malusog is World Vision’s initiative tackling the pressing issue of malnutrition prevalent across the Philippines. Through this health program, World Vision has developed three powerful initiatives designed to combat malnutrition head-on. They are providing food and fostering a sustainable future where children have access to life-saving nutrition, clean drinking water, and tools to prevent malnutrition from ever retaking hold. Each donation ensures that every child not only survives past their 5th birthday but thrives beyond it.

SOS Children’s Villages

Established in 1967 in the Philippines, SOS Children’s Villages is a nonprofit organization part of the global SOS Children's Villages International committed to providing quality alternative care and support for children. Every village takes care of children who have experienced neglect and abandonment and live with a loving family until they're independent. They also help struggling families in nearby communities to prevent family breakdown and child abandonment.

Campaign: Family Strengthening Program

Family Strengthening Program (FSP) started in 2008 with a mission to support struggling families to prevent family breakdown which often leads to child neglect and abandonment. Through the FSP, families find a lifeline in multiple ways: educational assistance, livelihood programs fostering sustainable futures, compassionate counseling, and vital food assistance ensuring nutritious meals for all. Passionate volunteers, sponsors, and corporations are invited to collaborate with SOS Children's Villages, helping children in need, and leaving no family behind.

Gawad Kalinga

Formally founded in 2003, Gawad Kalinga (GK) is a nonprofit organization in the Philippines propelled by its mission to alleviate poverty across the Philippines. Rooted in the timeless principle of Bayanihan, GK thrives on the spirit of communal unity, rallying individuals together to address the different aspects of poverty that communities may face. Their solidarity platforms help convene different stakeholders to solve concerns on Shelter and Land Security, Child and Youth Development, Health and Wellbeing, Social Business and Productivity, and building Resilient Communities.

Campaign: ARAL - Advancement in Reading and Learning

ARAL (Advancement in Reading and Learning) is Gawad Kalinga’s response to the alarming 2022 World Bank report revealing that 9 out of 10 Filipino children face challenges in reading and understanding age-appropriate texts. With every fund raised, ARAL fuels the journey of trained teachers and passionate volunteers, empowering them to conduct 24-36 hours of captivating reading and comprehension tutorials for up to 30 eager students aged 7-13 in communities across the nation. ARAL initiative does not only teach kids to read; but opens doors to a world of knowledge, imagination, and endless possibilities.

Scholars of Sustenance

Established in the Philippines only one year ago, Scholars of Sustenance has hit the ground running with its monumental milestone of 1 million meals served. SOS started in Bangkok in 2016 with one mission in mind – tackling food insecurity head-on by swooping in to rescue surplus food from major hotels, restaurants, and companies.

Campaign: Rescue Kitchen Program

SOS’ Rescue Kitchen Program enables volunteers to cook and distribute fresh and nutritious meals with their community partners. For anyone eager to jump on board, joining the Rescue Kitchen Program is a breeze. You can set up fixed schedules - whether it's weekly, monthly, or even quarterly commitments. This dynamic initiative invites volunteers to dive into the heart of their communities, cooking up nutritious meals by using rescued surplus food ingredients donated by their generous donors and partners.

Liter of Light

Imagine a world where discarded plastic bottles become beacons of hope. Liter of Light does just that, offering sustainable, safe, and cost-effective solar lighting to underserved communities that have little to no access to electricity. And with its open-source nature, anyone, anywhere around the world can replicate its technology. What started as an emergency lighting response after the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, this initiative has now evolved into a thriving global grassroots movement. With over 350,000 bottle lights installed across 15+ countries, its impact continues to grow exponentially.

Campaign: Ambassador of Light Volunteer Program

Liter of Light volunteers teach underserved communities how to use recycled plastic bottles and locally sourced materials so that they can illuminate their homes. Schedule a team building activity for your employees for hands-on learning on how to create and install actual bottle lights and become an ambassador of light!

Supporting Nonprofit Organizations in the Philippines

Whether it's building homes, tackling food insecurity, or empowering children and communities, these nonprofit organizations in the Philippines embody the heart and soul of Bayanihan – the Filipino spirit of unity and compassion.

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