DesignCrowd Case Study

Learn how Catalyser has helped leading companies achieve their employee giving goals.

High employee engagement

DesignCrowd is a graphic design marketplace making quality design accessible to all. They process $40 million in creative projects for half a million designers in 165 countries.


DesignCrowd has a highly engaged team and a socially conscious team culture. They needed a way to offer employee giving that inspired the team to give collectively.

Catalyser’s crowdfunding and payroll giving features are perfect tools for small teams with ambitious social goals like DesignCrowd. Their team also love that their giving platform is customised just for them – software features often only available to larger companies. As a result, employee engagement and participation in giving is sky high.


Catalyser has helped DesignCrowd to achieve a 60% participation rate in employee giving and to smash their social impact goal by over 220%.

"The Catalyser platform speaks for itself – we have solid participation and great results. It’s a cool concept and so good to see the team getting behind it."

CEO, DesignCrowd

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