It's about your brand, not ours

Catalyser is the only giving platform specifically designed for configuration and customisation.


Extension of your brand

Your giving program is key to your brand identity. Catalyser allows the look and feel of your giving platform to reflect this.


Build trust with your employees

By recognising your company's voice and brand, your employees will understand your commitment to employee giving.


Seamless experience

Let your giving platform flow seamlessly from your intranet to give your employees a barrier-free experience.

Love your look and feel

Your brand is more than a logo. You'll love our white labelling which integrates your brand colours, logo and values statement throughout your Catalyser Giving Platform. Show your team that you've invested in being the best corporate citizen by providing them with a custom, internal giving environment.

Engage more

By creating your own branded giving platform, you'll be creating a space your team can own and feel proud of. Grow engagement with a platform made for you.

Remove barriers

Don't send your employees to external websites to donate. Instead, remove barriers by keeping all your giving within your company environment.

Seamless flow

By customising your look and feel, your employees will have a smooth flow from your intranet to your giving platform. They won't even know you're using Catalyser!

Company details that matter

A successful giving platform needs to understand the specific details that make your company unique like how your staff are organised or what your policy on donation matching is. Customise your company preferences, details and settings to optimise your team's giving experience.

Matching rules

Our powerful matching feature lets you set different rules for different types of giving, charities or campaigns.

Employee types

Set up custom employee types, business units and office locations so your platform speaks your language.

Your own FAQs

Customise important details for your business, including your own FAQs so you can speak directly to your team.

Communication to catch their attention

To cut through in a busy workplace, communication needs to be well designed and well timed. Customise your Catalyser Giving Platform emails in line with your company's internal communications so your team recognise them as core business.

Automated emails

Let Catalyser manage communications with your team through system generated emails.

Your timing

Choose who receives emails, and when. Configure email triggers to get the info to the right people.

Your design

Add your custom headers and footers to make employee giving comms part of your business as usual.

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