Focus on the things that matter

Simplify and streamline your work. Put an end to manual processes and the hassle of paperwork.


Free your time

Reclaim hours for big impact work with powerful automations. Never count gold coins again.


Engaging content

Create compelling giving opportunities for your team with powerful, simple to use tools.


Easy to learn, easy to use

Beautiful design and intuitive user experience make managing giving activities a breeze.

Automated workflows save time

Manage donations and volunteers online using automated tools and put an end to the mess of spreadsheets. Align your processes with backend functions like payroll so you can easily coordinate your workflows and have a single source of truth for your employee giving data.

One process

Have one place where admin, payroll and giving managers can all access what they need.


See which donations have been processed, paid, cancelled or changed in real time.

Payroll integration

Configure your payroll system including database, cycles, people and workflow.

Managing content is easy

You have full control over the content on your Catalyser Giving Platform. Create beautifully designed giving opportunities for your team with easy to use tools. No special technical skills needed! You can customise existing content from charities to suit your messaging and brand, or you can create your own.

Drag and drop

All of our administrative functions use tools that are so intuitive, you can get started right away.

Real-time preview

Our side-by-side preview feature allows you to see your final product as you create it.

Feature content

Keep the content featured on your dashboard fresh, with just the click of a button.

Role-based access gives you control

Our easy to configure user settings allow you to give each role the tools they need, from program managers who need a birds-eye view, to adminstrations who manage and update content, to your payroll team who access and process data regularly.

Share the load

Love doing everything yourself? Thought not! Grant users access so they can access only what they need.

Data protection

Protect the giving information of your employees, by limiting the people that can access sensitive data.

Empower the team

Keep your content centrally managed, or open it up so employees can create particular campaigns.

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