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Just as your company is unique, so is the way your team gives back.
Your giving platform should be tailored to reflect your needs.


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Choose the giving modules and technology options that work for your culture and IT environment.


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Whether you're a small, medium or large business, achieve value by only paying for what you'll use.


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Add modules and adapt your platform as your company grows. Catalyser will evolve with you.

Giving Module Menu

How does your company want to give? Choose the modules that work best for your culture and team.


1. Regular Giving

Make easy, recurring donations to your family of charities through payroll or credit card. Align regular donations to different payroll cycles, for different employees. In real time, your team will see how many of their colleagues also support their charity, the average regular donation, as well as the total donated through regular giving to the charity of their choice. Employees can update or cancel their recurring donation through their self-managed dashboard.


2. Crowdfunding and Appeals

Make one-off donations to custom crowdfunding and appeals through payroll or credit card. Instantly launch seasonal giving like Christmas campaigns, responsive giving like humanitarian disaster appeals, or exciting crowdfunds to achieve a tangible target. In real time, your team will see progress against your company target and be able to make donations by selecting thoughtful dollar handles which explain the impact their donation will have.


3. Sponsor a Colleague

Make one-off donations through payroll or credit card to support colleagues as they run, swim, cycle and more for charities they support. Sponsor an indiviudal, or a whole team. Your employees will see leaderboards, leave comments to encourage their peers and share their activity through social networks. Use this module to faciliate competitive workplace events like trivia nights, sporting challenges or live fundraising.


4. Community Impact Hub

Launch your own public microsite to allow your company's external networks, family and friends to support your company giving activities. Customise your Community Impact Hub with full branding, corporate colours, value statements and image style. Embed your Community Impact Hub into your website and gather giving data from your whole network as part of your social impact story. Choose to share all, or a select group of giving opportunities with your external network.


5. Volunteering

Create your own volunteering marketplace where your employees can select, register and manage how they give their time, professional skills and knowledge to causes they care about. Draw from existing volunteering opportunities, or create your own. Set registration quotas and customise fields to collect special requirements like t-shirt sizes or transport needs. Easily manage registrations, set team leaders and directly communicate with volunteers. Your Volunteering Module will collate rich data about the interests, engagement and performance of your team.


6. Team Building

Develop your people, build team dynamics, core skills and cohesiveness whilst helping causes that need your support. Identify your team needs and match them with opportunities from our vetted database. Choose half day, or full day team building opportunities. All our opportunities are designed specifically to accommodate corporate groups.


More Modules Coming Soon

Watch this space for soon to be released Giving Modules including event bookings, shopping and more. Sign up here to be the first to hear about new module and product launches.

Technology Options Menu

Catalyser's flexibility means it can work with your IT environment and other enterprise applications, whether your small, medium or large business.

1. Hosting Options

Choose how your Catalyser Giving Platform is hosted to work with your company's IT set-up and requirements. We can help you identify the best option for your business. Choose to be hosted on the cloud, on your managed business cloud service, or on-premise hosting on your dedicated server.


2. Single Sign-On Options

Choose access control and authentication options that work with how you'd like your employees to access your Catalyser Giving Platform. Choose from no logins or passwords at all, to a simplified login process. We can work with you to establish a sign-on process that aligns with your IT set-up.


3. Integration Options

Choose how your Catalyser Giving Platform integrates with your other software applications. We can help you to identify what integrations will optimise your experience with Catalyser.


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