Empower yourself with the data you need

With powerful dashboards, reports and data sets, you will have the power to make the best decisions about how to grow your employee giving outcomes.


Real-time results

Don't wait for end of year reports. Access progress as you go for proactive reporting.


Insights at a glance

Tap into precise metrics in graphical or table formats, whenever you need them.


Data-driven growth

Use data to inform decisions to improve your giving outcomes and social impact.

Inform decisions with evidence

Comprehensive reporting will help you to bridge the gap between your giving goals, and your giving performance. Catalyser will help you to uncover where you're smashing it, and where your giving program can benefit from some extra attention. Make all your decisions, smart decisions.

Real time progress

See how you're tracking during appeals, monthly, or at the end of each quarter. Don't wait for annual reporting.

Compare periods

Measure your results against comparable periods. Quantify the growth in giving that you're seeing.

Segmented data

Deep dive into your data to understand how engaged different types of employees or different offices are.

Focus your social impact

Without the right information, it can be hard to know if your efforts are really making a difference. Catalyser's reports will allow you to understand the causes, charities and ways of giving which resonate the most with your team. Focus your time on giving opportunities that are relevant and important to your employees.

Shared value

Our library of reports will help you identify the causes that align with your business, and also reflect with what your team cares about.

Charity Family

Let data help you make wise decisions to manage your family of charity partners by adding, or retiring causes as needed.

Tell your story

Have the information you need at your fingertips to tell your company's best social impact story across all forms of giving.

Audit trails put your mind at ease

Rest assured knowing that your Catalyser Giving Platform provides you with a complete documented history of all your employee donation, fundraising and volunteering activity. Don't rely on manual records, enjoy the simplicity of a single source of truth for your data.

Custom filters

Set and save custom filters and date ranges, or select from a menu of ready made options.

Export reports

Create custom data sets and export them to analyse or upload into another application.

Historical data

Upload your historical employee giving data to provide a benchmark for comparison and growth.

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