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is was hard

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Give Back Card

Struggling to find a gift that has purpose and impact? Catalyser has launched the Give Back Card - a fun, meaningful and sustainable way to make a difference this festive season.

Your purchase of a Give Back Card is a donation that can be sent as a gift and allows the receiver to help Australian charities in need. It's an easy way to reward your staff, thank your clients, engage your team or surprise a friend or loved one by giving them the choice to support the causes they care about.

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Greater Impact Together

Like you, we at Catalyser are passionate about giving back. But real change isn’t a solo act - it thrives when people come together.

That's where Catalyser steps in, providing a platform for you and your organisation to join forces and scale up the good you do. With it, you can support a wide range of charities and causes through volunteering and giving, turning your desire to help into direct action.

When you act and others join in, the effects are multiplied and it begins with one individual—let that be you.

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