How does Catalyser work?

It's so easy to create your own employee giving platform

Your workplace should have a giving platform that is personalised and unique. Our technology is designed to be customised for you.

Catalyser is flexible

Catalyser is the only customisable employee giving platform that suits organisations of all sizes.

Catalyser is fast and easy to implement

Catalyser's flexibility means it can work with your IT environment and other enterprise applications, whether your small, medium or large business. Your company can choose from our technology options:

1. Hosting Options

Choose how your Catalyser Giving Platform is hosted to work with your company's IT set-up and requirements. We can help you identify the best option for your business. Choose to be hosted on the cloud, on your managed business cloud service, or on-premise hosting on your dedicated server.

2. Single Sign-On Options

Choose access control and authentication options that work with how you'd like your employees to access your Catalyser Giving Platform. Choose from no logins or passwords at all, to a simplified login process. We can work with you to establish a sign-on process that aligns with your IT set-up.

3. Integration Options

Choose how your Catalyser Giving Platform integrates with your other software applications like Microsoft Azure, Facebook Workplace, Okta, Salesforce or your payroll software. We can help you to identify what integrations will optimise your experience with Catalyser.

“This is an excellent product. Catalyser has created something unique. This is the future of giving.”

Justine Butler

Manager, ASIC in the Community

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